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cPanel's Site Quality Monitoring
Posted by Saiful M. on 23 January 2024 09:19 AM

Site Quality Monitoring is a new feature released by cPanel & WHM version 116 and later. Users can utilise this feature to monitor a cPanel-managed website and URL, see current and past website errors, and set email notifications to ensure that you can identify problems quickly and efficiently. Site Quality Monitoring also watches your website/s for availability, SEO rank, broken links and more. 

How to : Use cPanel's Site Quality Monitoring

i. Locate and access Site Quality Monitoring from your cPanel 

ii. Register your monitoring project : Choose the domain wish to be monitored. Use the arrow down to open list of domains. Enter your preferred email address to receive notifications and check the radio box to agree. Hit Create Project button.

iii. You will receive an email containing a code. Enter the security code to proceed.

iv. You will be redirected to a page showing all of your monitors.

v. You can click on your monitor to access your website summary. Any warnings or error should appear here on this page. 

vi. To setup another monitor, you will need to remove current one. Click on User Settings and choose Remove all information from Site Quality Monitoring.

Note: As for now, cPanel only allows one site monitoring per one cPanel account. You may not create another site monitor for addon domains or subdomains. If there is any change in the future, we will update this article.

vii. Done! That is all. There are more conditions which you can explore. The steps should be similar and straight forward. 


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