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Revision of Payment Method Fees
Posted by Mark O. on 09 April 2020 10:01 AM

Dear Customers,

Shinjiru is taking the lead to shift towards a cashless society by encouraging automated payment technology. Being a prominent brand in the IT industry, we must be a fast-moving entity constantly adapting to technology at a fearless speed.

You certainly have seen how fast the e-wallet is being utilized everywhere in the country and it certainly is nothing new for us to inspire our customers to do the same with the Payment Processing Fee. Only manual transactions are charged RM5.00 so that customers will opt for automated online payments instead. No fees will be charged for e-payments. This move is for the betterment of consumers, modernisation of the industry and ultimately, for Malaysia.

Let’s take China for example. The first recognisable coins were produced in China more than 3,000 years ago. If you visit China today, however, there’s a strong chance you’ll see people paying for things using facial recognition on their phones. Please bear in mind that we have no intentions to make extra money by imposing the extra RM5.00. Shinjiru is simply inspiring the shift towards a total cashless transaction and realise the full potential of a cashless society through our customers.

We hope our explanation has given you a better understanding regarding the issue. Let's us all more forward and work towards Digital Transformation Policy.

Thank you.


Mark O.
Customer Care Manager
247 LiveSupport Department
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